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6mm Big Battalions - The 100 Days

100 Days Campaign

Released to commemorate not just the Battle of Waterloo, but the entire 100 Days Campaign in it’s Bicentennial Year. Extensively researched to produce the most up to date thinking on how the buildings may have looked on the day of the battles. Buildings such as Hougoumont look very different from previous models, but our model ties in directly with the model on show in the Waterloo Visitors Centre and is deemed by experts to be an accurate rendition of the Chateau on the day of the battle.

Shrunken Footprint

The range has been specially designed on a shrunken footprint system which has reduced the size of the Farm and Chateau complex’s down to accommodate a more realistic area of ground covered when using figures at a one figure to several men ratio while still maintaining the character and look of the actual buildings. 

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