about us

Total Battle Miniatures was established to produce a comprehensive range of wargames buildings and scenics in as many periods and scales as possible. The aim is to provide you with not only the buildings for your tables but also the buildings' surroundings.

To achieve this, all Total Battle Miniatures buildings conform to a base matrix, which varies according to scale and depiction. This matrix ties up with flexible scenic tiles that have recesses into which the buildings are set. To complete the effect we also produce a range of roads and other scenic tiles to give you the complete package.

quality products

Since all of our products are designed and produced by a couple of avid wargamers, we really understand your requirements and produce all the elements necessary for a realistic looking wargames table, whilst retaining maximum flexibility and playability. Furthermore all our buildings are cast in a high quality durable resin that can take a knock without a blemish.

The range will be constantly expanded so, if your period or scale is not currently covered, please come back and you may be pleasantly surprised.