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Total Battle Miniatures is the fusion of Pete Wilkes and Mark Lambert's individual specialisations; making them the perfect partnership. With a shared obsession for all things wargaming, their combined skills come together to produce high quality models from initial concept to finished product.

Mark Lambert

Mould Maker and Caster


Mark has more years than he cares to mention making moulds and casting a wide range of models. Back in the day it was 1/76 WWII vehicles, now it's all the products Total Battle Miniatures produce. Mark never loses the excitement of a new model being pulled from the mould for the first time.

Pete Wilkes

Master Maker and Painter

Pete can be often found staring into space, he's not day dreaming (honest), but thinking up the next product range for TBM. Pete researches and crafts all the masters before handing them over to Mark for production. He then eagerly awaits the first casts to paint up for the website. When not working on a new product he can be found planning and building a future demonstration game.

Pete's background is countless years in Graphic Design and artistry.

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